JC V1 Light Sensor/Touch/Vibrator Multi Read Write Data Recovery Programmer For iPhone 7/7P/8/8P/X/XS/XSMAX


JC V1 Proximity Light Sensor/True Tone Display/Multi Touch/Vibrator/Baseband/logic/ Read/Write Data Recovery Programmer For 7/7p/8/8P/X/XRXS/XSMAX

JC V1 programmer is the solution for the Proximity Light Sensor,True Tone Display,Multi Touch,Vibrator compatible issues of replacement parts since ios 11 upgrade. compare with the previously generation, baseband and logic chip read/write/edit function was builtin with, JC V1 is the most powerful EEPROM chip repair programmer ! 
Now, you can easily backup data from original parts and rewrite to replacement parts, no more panic for compatible issues.


  • Step1 Reading&backup # Clip connector of your original parts to JC V1 according to the models, press read button, the data was saved to building memory chip.
  • Step2 Writing #Clip connector of your replacement parts to JC V1 according to the models, press write button, saved data will be writed to the replacement parts from building memory chip.

JC V1 Supported iPhone model,

  • iPhone 7/7p
  • iPhone 8/8p
  • iPhone/XRXS/XSMAX

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