Upgrade CP320 LCD Screen Heating Pad 380*220mm




  • Safe and high efficiency -Two Smart Modes,phone mode settable temperature 50℉-248℉(10℃-120℃) tablet mode settable temperature 50℉-194℉(10℃-90℃),time and temperature controlled, so easy to open LCD touch screen and won't burn the plastic or the LCD.
  • Easy to bring and store-11.80"x6.70"x1.45" smaller heating pad can work for IPad mini,for iphone,for Samsung and etc,satisfying your different needs.
  • Perfect compatible with 100-240v input voltage-Be sure to use this product no matter what the voltage your country or region is, no need to use transformer.

Use guide

  • Simply Got You Screen Separted, Long press the [Down]to switch to English interface.
  • Click the [M] and the temperature value flashes,click [up] or [down] to set up the temperature.
  • Double click the [M] and the countdown temperature flashes
  • [Mobile phone mode] Long press the [power ON/OFF],after hearing the di sound, the mode is activated.In this mode,the device will be heated at a constant temperature,this mode support long-term constant temperature operation .
  • [Tablet mode]Long press the [M] and hear di di sound ,the mode is activated.This mode including [heating phase] and [constant temperature phase].

Pls Tips:

1. Be sure to use the support power plug of this machine
2. Do not put the product on the glass, so as not to break the glass
3. Do not bend so as not to damage the internal heating components
4. Do not use this product as an Electric blanket
5. Ensure the switch and the junction box of CPB away from the water so as to avoid short circuit

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