Warranty & Return

Repair Partners team is proud to inform that we have a New Repair Partners Warranty claim system, we say “YES” to all:

  • Faulty products
  • Physical damaged products
  • Products are not belong to us

We will make the process as simple as it is, as quick as possible and bring the best experience warranty ever to our customer. All you need to do you bring in or send the products to us.

Term and Condition:

1. Standard warranty (Faulty items)

  1. To be concerned as items for standard warranty, the products must be bought from us at www.shop.repairpartners.com.au. There are no physical damaged sights found (refer to the introduction page of image description for physical damaged).
  2. Processing time is 3-5 business (Not included time of shipping).
  3. Standard warranty can be claim as Replacement, Store Credit, Refund as your choice.
  4. Return label (standard parcel post 3-5 business days) will be offered once RMA (warranty claim approved). Drop off at our warehouse also available, RMA must be lodged before bringing into our warehouse.
  5. In term of your RMA created with request of replacement, we will send the replacement out as our cost. The replacement items also can be combined with the online order as request with additional cost. The online order’s shipment fee still needed to be paid when the order placed, we will reimbursement the cost of replacement items’ shipment back to claimer account by store credit.
  6. Our warranty team will contact the claimer to confirm once we received the parcel and informing if there are anything unclear or items not matching with RMA list.
  7. The final warranty claim result will be informed by call back or emailed as request.

2. Products are not belong to us

  1. If the items send to us without our warranty stamp/sticker/barcode, they will be concerned as products are not belong to us.
  2. This is only can be claimed by Business Accounts holder
  3. If the items bought from another supplier sent to us, they also will be concerned as products are not belong to us.
  4. These items will be valuated as Physical damaged items (term and condition of physical damaged claim will be applied).
  5. The maximum quantity of “products are not belong to us” we can accept per claim is 10% of total quantity.
    Example: if claimer submits the physical damaged warranty claim with 100 items, only 10 items are not belong to us can be accepted, the rest will need to be sent back as claimer cost.
    NOTE: Physical damaged warranty only can be claimed once time a week (no limited to how many items per claim)
  6. These items will be offered the replacement as same quality as we received. Example:
    The OEM physical damaged items will be offered by our OEM parts.
    All the aftermarket items will be offered by our best quality aftermarket parts.
  7. You CAN upgrade the quality from best aftermarket to OEM parts as your request with additional cost. But the quality CAN NOT be downgrade to lower quality.

Recently asked questions for warranty claim:

  1. Do you accept other supplier’s physical damage products? 
    Yes, if you do want to send to us, we are happy to accept that.
  2. Do I need to pay for the return postage cost of physical damaged items?
    Yes, you will need to send the parcel back by yourself in your own cost.
  3. How long does it take to be done?
    Physical damage claim will take 3-5 business days to be finalized. We will confirm the final result once it is done, then we will send a tax invoice to you. The replacement will be dispatched as soon as your payment is cleared.
  4. Does this invoice amount will be calculated in my account as membership benefit?
    Yes, it will.
  5. Will you offer free postage for the replacement? What postage method do you use?
    Yes, we will post your replacement back at our cost (applied for Standard warranty claim only). Normally we will choose express shipping to post the warranty item back. We do not accept any order to be combined with the warranty postage. Otherwise you will be charged for extra postage cost.
  6. When can I apply for the product faulty claim?
    You are welcome to apply from our website at anytime. Note, do not wait too long time to claim warranty each month, it will be delayed your claim progress.
  7. How can I combine my online order with the replacement warranty items?
    Please call to our customer service team at (03) 9706 3964, our team members will help you to arrange the warranty replacement items combine with your online order. You still need to pay for the online order shipment fee, we will issue the cost of replacement items’ shipment into your account by store credit.