How to Determine the Authenticity of Apple iPhone Components?

If you are buying electronic components from wholesale suppliers, you will need to determine the authenticity of the components. For that, you will need to follow certain procedures and today; we will discuss how you can find out the quality of Apple iPhone parts if you are in Australia.

Apple Phone Parts Wholesale Australia

Check the Information On the Packaging

When buying components from Apple iPhone parts suppliers in Australia, you will need to check the packaging for misspelled words, incorrect font, part number, logo, etc.

If you see that everything matches as per the direction of the manufacturer, i.e. Apple, in this case, you can buy the components. But if you spot any of the issues that we have mentioned or if anything looks suspicious, it’s better to find another wholesaler.

Experts recommend that you should buy the iPhone components only from trusted suppliers since they always offer genuine products which make them well-known in the component industry.

Inspecting the components with X-Ray

You can inspect the iPhone components with an X-ray to determine whether they are genuine since it is a very handy way of inspecting electronic components.

By using an X-Ray, you can see if the components are properly sized, have delamination or if they comprise missing or broken wire bonds. Besides, you can use this technology to determine if they are lead-free assuming that they are RoHS compliant.

Using Acoustic Microscope

While or before buying the components from the company providing Apple phone parts wholesale in Australia you can use the scanning acoustic microscope (SAM) to locate laser etching on the different components.

If you can find the etching, it is a sign that resurfacing was used as a cover to the original markings. That means that the components are most likely not genuine. Moreover, by using SAM, you can also look for the blacktopping that is used in the resurfacing process.

Look for Resurfacing

Another way to determine whether you are buying genuine Apple iPhone components is to look for resurfacing that is being. They are mostly used by counterfeiters to replicate the plastic and glass mixture on the components.

To resurface, the counterfeiters use a method called blacktopping where they sand off the original markings on a component and apply a coat of polymer to cover it up. So, you will need to look for surface smoothness to see if they are blacktopped. For this, however, you might need to hire product inspectors.

Determining Authenticity with Decapsulation

Before or while buying components from Apple wholesale iPhone parts suppliers in Australia, you can go for the decapsulation process to determine the authenticity of the components.

You can try this method only in some of the components and not all since it is a destructive process.

Here, you will need to place abrasive acids on the component so that the dye reveals itself. Then, you can use a microscope to find if blacktopping was used or not. And if it was used, it would’ve come off easily due to the abrasive.

So, these are some of the ways you can determine whether the parts that you are buying from the wholesaler are genuine or fake. But you might require an expert who is adept at implementing these methods to find out the genuineness of the components.

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