How to replace tempered glass at home?

How to replace tempered glass at home?

Tempered glass protects your phone's screen from accidental damage, you'll only need to replace the tempered pad, not the whole screen when you accidentally drop your phone. Let's see how to do tempered glass at home extremely simple in the article below!

1. Prepare

1.1.Tempered glass

First, you need to choose for yourself a tempered glass suitable for the phone you are using.

However, you should pay attention to the quality of the screen protector, the slightly higher price tempered glass will be more secure than the one in the low-price range.

Screen proctector

1.2. Strengthening support tools

Next, you need to prepare the necessary tools when gluing the phone such as:

- Wet wipes are used to clean the phone screen before gluing.

- Single-sided paper tape to stick dust on the phone screen. However, you should avoid using adhesive tapes that have a lot of glue (high stickiness) because they can leave glue stains on the screen.

- Lint-free cloth to clean the screen and tempered plate. Some of the tempered glass you purchased will come with a lint-free wipe.

1.3 Location

When self-adhesive for your phone at home, you should choose a location with enough light to be able to align the sticker more accurately.
In addition, the location should also be an enclosed space, with no fan and minimal dust sticking to your phone screen.

2. Clean the phone

First, wash your hands with soap and dry them with a cloth to remove dirt from your hands. You should not use paper towels to clean your hands because the paper contains a lot of paper dust that can stick to the phone screen.

Next, you use a wet cloth to wipe through the phone screen to remove the stains and then use a lint-free cloth to wipe it again. Then you use the paper tape to stick any remaining dust on the phone screen.

Make sure you remove all other screen protectors such as old screen protector or tempered glass (if applicable).

3.Tempered glass

Note: Most screen protectors can be applied the same way, but to be sure, you should read the instruction manual that came with the type of sticker you're using.

3.1 Peel off the protective layer of the tempered glass

First, you need to peel off the protective layer on 1 side of the tempered glass, this side will be the side that sticks to your phone screen. You start at a corner then gently pull the protector to reveal the adhesive part of the patch.

tempered glass

Some toughened stickers will have a label to help you distinguish which side is sticking to the phone screen, others will have a curvature that covers the screen perfectly.

3.2 Aligning and gluing to the screen

You use two hands to hold the edges of the screen protector and place it in front of the screen to align the position to match the screen, pay attention to the position of the microphone, speaker and buttons on the phone.

You should only place the tempered glass on the phone screen when it is aligned carefully because it will be difficult to align when pasted.

After the alignment is correct, gently place the adhesive tape on the screen and press in the centre to spread the glue all over the screen.

3.3 Wipe the screen after gluing and push out air bubbles (if any)

After you have glued the screen, you peel off the protective layer on the other side and dry it once. If air bubbles appear on the screen, you can use a lint-free cloth, press in on the bubbles, and push them outwards on the screen.

Some tempered glass product sets will have a special tool to push air bubbles like a small flat plastic sheet, which you can use according to the instructions of that tempered glass.