How To Verify the Genuinity of a Huawei Phone Parts Supplier?

How To Verify the Genuinity of a Huawei Phone Parts Supplier?

As a phone repair technician or a dealer, you might be in need of Huawei components that you can use as replacement parts for your clients’ mobile phones. For that, you will need to buy them from a verified supplier in Australia. But if you are wondering about the things that you should look for that determine the genuineness of the supplier, you should follow this discussion. We have mentioned the ways how you can determine whether the parts supplier is authentic.

  • Look for the ABN 

Before you order wholesale Huawei phone parts from a supplier, you should see whether the company is registered. For that, you will need to look or ask for their ABN (Australian Business Number).

A business needs to have an ABN if its turnover is $75,000, and if a supplier is reputed, its business will exceed that value. So, it is necessary to check this parameter if you want to buy genuine goods.

  • Go Through Their Website for More Information

To learn more about the business policy of the Huawei wholesale phone parts supplier, you will need to go through their website.

Generally, verified suppliers always post their policies, contact info and all other relevant information on their website. So, if you are looking to determine the genuineness of a parts supplier, this can be a good source. 

On the other hand, if the supplier does not have a website, it is best to look for one that has the same because you don't want to purchase fake products, do you?

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  • Trusted Payment Options

Considering the fact that you are looking to buy Huawei phone parts wholesale in Australia, and want to go for bulk orders, you should look for the payment options that the supplier is offering. 

This is an important step that you should follow if you want to verify the authenticity of the parts supplier because generally, reliable suppliers accept payment through various established mediums.

  • Assessing the Reviews and Testimonials

Taking into consideration the fact that the Huawei phone component supplier whom you have chosen has a website and is into business for years, you should look for what the other customers are saying.

You need to go through the search engine reviews and testimonials. If you see that the customers are giving positive feedback, then there is a chance that the supplier is verified, and you can purchase the components from the company.

  • Presence of a Physical Office

An authentic Huawei phone parts supplier in Australia will have a physical office. It can be either in one region or many. So, before you order the components, take a look at the offices they have.

To acquire this information, you can visit their website or ask them directly over the phone.

  • Hire a Credit Report Service

A credit report service provider will provide you with important information regarding the Huawei wholesale phone parts supplier such as its financial performance, credit history, etc. From the reports, you will be able to verify whether the supplier is indeed genuine.

So, follow the steps we have mentioned if you want to get authentic phone parts.

Choose the Components You Want To Buy

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