The most effective way to save your iPhone battery power

The most effective way to save power on your iPhone battery

Surely the readers who are using the iPhone will encounter a general status of you iPhone battery life, which is low battery. Then the following 6 tips will help you save your iPhone battery in the most effective way.

The problem of fast battery drain on iPhone is now a thing that is not too strange to most iPhone users, especially for the generation from iPhone 8 | 8 Plus or below, or in the case of up to Latest iOS. The battery is dropped too quickly, which will seriously affect the daily use of the phone such as work or play.

So how to maximize this problem, in addition to replacing the battery with a new one, there are still many other ways, and here is the list of 6 tips that can help you save iPhone battery one by one. the most optimal way.

1) Activate dark mode

This is the first tip, although it is simple, it is extremely effective. Leaving the screen in the dark will prevent the lights on the screen from being lit up, thus saving more power. Not only does it save power, but it also protects the user's eyes. To activate the dark mode, you need to go to the Settings => Display & brightness, select Dark mode.

2) Activate low power mode

When your phone is nearly running out battery, you can turn lower power mode on to save your battery. You need go to Settings => Battery, then turn on Low Power Mode. This tip could help your iPhone charging quicker. 

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3) Do not set the screen brightness to the maximum

When you are in an environment with good lighting conditions, you do not need to adjust the screen brightness to the maximum. When the screen brightness is at a sufficient level, it will help the device save more battery, and at the same time will not harm vision. Plus, a little extra tip is that you can use the Battery Saver mode to customize the best screen brightness.

4) Turn off background app

This is a feature that will be enabled automatically, whether you use it or not. Turning off applications that are running in the background will definitely save you quite a bit of battery life.

5) Limit applications running multitasking

Of course, when you turn off multitasking apps, it helps your battery. But with applications that you need to turn on immediately, having them restart from the beginning consumes more battery capacity.

Currently, you do not need to worry about this problem too much, because iOS 12 as well as iOS 13 now have a feature to freeze applications when users do not use them to save battery. Already have iOS to take care of, you still need to worry about more, right?

5) Customize apps that are hijacking GPS services

Limiting the apps that are hijacking the GPS navigation system not only helps you save more battery power, but also protects your privacy. To customize it again, go to Location Services Privacy Settings.

Then select the apps that are using GPS that you want to quit. Best of all, it's best to allow that app to access its location While Using the App is best.

Above are 6 tips to help you save battery power on iPhone in the most optimal way. Hopefully this article will help readers get the best experience during daily smartphone use.