Mini Hydrogel Film Cutting Machine 11" Wide


Repair Partners Benefits:

  • Local stock, comes with local 1 year on site warranty.
  • Local technical supports and training will be provided.

All Phones and smart watches. You name it.

Features :

1. High-quality cutter head
2. Precision cutting
3. Dual smart operation
4. Multi-language switching
5. Mini light
6. Automatic film feeding
7. 6.0-inch HD touch screen

Easy Solution for broken back glass with our SS-057D back sticker

Dual smart operation: Independent machine WiFi connection touch operation, mobile phone Bluetooth connection APP remote operation, with the independent operating system, no need to connect to a computer.

Cloud database, real-time update: Full range of mobile phone models, real-time update.

Support precise cutting under 11 inches: Suitable for front/rear films of mobile phones, watches, AirPods, cameras, etc., can be accurately cut (HD/anti-blue/frosted/anti-peep/import) hydrogel film/creative personality color film, etc.

SS-057: HD imported hydrogel film
SS-057B: Anti-blue light imported hydrogel film
SS-057E: Matte imported hydrogel film
SS-057R: Compressive repair of imported hydrogel film
SS-057S: Anti-peep frosted imported hydrogel film
SS-057A/SS-057H: HD hydrogel film
SS-057D: Personalized creative color film

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