Macbook Pin and EFI with Exclusive Unclocking Tool DS-809


The item Includes:

  • The programmer
  • The USB cable
  • The probe
  • The probe wire
  • SAM Socket FPC


Model No: DS-809 EFI PadLock

Compatiable models:

MacBook Pro 2010-2017

MacBook Air 2010-2017

MacBook 2015-2017

iMac 2010-2016

MAC mini 2010-2014

all model from 2010 to 2017 


  • If you forget a Macbook firmware password (EFI), you will need this part to unlock your Macbook.
  • The EFI chip Free removal unlock tool can used to modify the serial number, recompose data of the ME module and clear PIN lock.
  • No soldering, which means you don't need to teardown or remove the EFI chip.

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