Battery Charger Activation PCB Board For iPhone Repair Service Dedicated Power Cable


  • Input voltage please don't over 5V;
  • Suggested that charge 1pc battery in every time;
  • The number of left shows electric current;
  • The number of right shows voltage.


  • for Apple iPhone 4G 4S 5G 5S 6G 6 Plus 6S 6SP 7G 7P 8G 8P X


  1. a button battery, when the battery voltage is less than 2.5V, digital meter and indicator due to insufficient power supply does not show that higher than 2.5V displaying normally.
  2. according to the display of the voltage to adjust the reasonable output voltage (maintenance Power), higher voltage, current, when the table on the right shows the battery voltage is less than or equal to 3V, please will adjust the output voltage of the maintenance of the power supply is below 3.5V trickle charging ways of filling for a minute or two, plug in the power cord, the table on the right shows the current charging voltage.
  3. if the buckle on the battery after display voltage 3.6V above can be used directly to over 4V charging and the maintenance of the power supply voltage is high, left digital table will display the current charging current, the right digital table shows the current charging voltage.
  4. such as the need to charge fast, please at the same time to pay attention to the left of the current show, the highest can not exceed 2A (2000MA), or will automatically protect.
activation function test fixture:
  1. 4G/4S/5G/5C/5S/6G/6PLUS/6S/6SP/7G/7P/8G/8P/X battery quick charge (5C battery same as 5S battery seat)
  2. 4G/4S/5G/5C/5S/6G/6PLUS/6S/6SP/7G/7P/8G/8P/X battery activation ((5C battery with 5S same battery seat)
  3. battery voltage display
  4. charging voltage display
  5. charging current display
  6. power conduction tips
  7. battery short-circuit tips
  8. large current load protection
  9. self recovery function after short circuit
  10. to prevent the charge damage to the battery, charge the battery

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