SUGON 2020D 700W Hot Air Gun Soldering Station


SUGON 2020D 700W Hot Air Gun Soldering Station With Heat Changing Channel-Lead Free

1. Sensors, closed-circuit, microcomputer zero-pass trigger temperature control, LED display, large power, heating is fast, accurate and stable temperature, does not affect air volume, truly lead-free desoldering iron.
2. Adjustable airflow, the large air volume, and gentle wind, temperature control is convenient, can be suitable for a variety of purposes.
3. The handle is equipped with an Induction Switch, as long as the handshakes the handgrip, the system can quickly enter the operating mode; The handle is released under the handle, the system will enter the standby mode, easy to operate in real-time.
4. The system is equipped with an automatic air cooling function, it can extend the service life of the heating element and protect the heat gun.
5. Adopts very long-life brushless fan, small noise, using high-quality heating element under the same energy efficiency that can be folded, and can effectively prolong the service life of the heating element and save energy.
6. The machine is equipped with a safety protection function.
7. Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature conversion.
8. Calibration temperature function
If the heating element is replaced, the temperature must be recalibrated. This machine the USA
Uses a digital temperature calibration method to correct incremental key input, easy and quick to adjust


Desoldering is suitable for a variety of components, such as SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA (especially suitable for a mobile phone line and row line of desoldering );

Used for heat-shrinkable, drying, in addition to the paint, in addition to the glue, thawing, preheating, welding, etc.

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